What to shred?

Here are some basic shredding facts.  Any of the following no longer needing to be retained by an individual or business should be shredded:

  • Financial documents-bank statements, cancelled or unused checks, tax returns
  • Insurance forms and records
  • Legal documents-wills, contracts
  • Medical records
  • Credit card documents-receipts, statements, offer
  • Junk mail with your name and address
  • Deceased family member records
  • Customer lists and personal information (see the CA Civil Code above)
  • Company sensitive information-management reports and strategies, human resource data, price lists, bids and proposals, marketing information
  • Government classified information
  • Any confidential information you do not want in the hands of the wrong people

What should you be looking for in selecting a shredding company?


  • Not all shredding technologies offer the same level of security. Some older technologies do not reduce shred size to levels that some ambitious criminal could not put back together. Shark Shredding uses Industrial Hammermill technology. This consistently reduces the shredded paper to smallest levels in the industry. Our shred quality is better than industry standards and can not be put back together!
  • Speed and Reliability. Shark Shredding uses some of the most reliable and fastest technology in the business. Our shredding trucks can shred paper up to 5000 pounds per hour.
  • Professionalism. At Shark Shredding we strive to set the standard for treatment of our customers.

If we use a recycler do we still need to shred?


  • Everything Shark Shredding, Inc. shreds is 100% recycled!
  • Recyclers often store materials before recycling and many workers may handle the sensitive information during this process.
  • If we store records do we need to destroy them?
    • Stored records should be destroyed on a scheduled basis. A determination must be made for what has value and the government’s legal requirement for retention.


Can we witness the destruction?


  • Absolutely. One can witness the destruction of the documents from being dropped in the truck to the final result of shredded material.

Do we get a Certificate of Destruction?


  • Yes. Each visit, whether you are receiving a regular scheduled visit or we are completing a one-time purge service, it is our common practice to provide a Certificate of Destruction. The document will outline the services provided. Keep it on file as evidence that you are having your confidential and private documentation properly shredded.