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One-Time vs. Recurring Shredding

Which Shredding Service is Best for You or Your Business

Whether you are a business or working from home, how do you know which is the right shredding solution for you? There are two main options for choosing how frequently to have your documents shredded: one-time purge or contracted recurring shredding. It depends on how many documents you have and how often do papers pile up.

What is One-Time Shredding or Purge?

One-time shredding, also known as purge shredding, is a shredding service when your company needs to destroy a large volume of files at one time. From ten boxes or hundreds, shredding companies can assist with any size destruction Shred as much or as little as you need.

A one-time document purge can:

Better protect against theft: As employees who were working from a home return back to the office, businesses need to consider what to do with the accumulated confidential paperwork. Encourage employees’ to safely bring in those documents to have them securely destroyed with a one-time purge.

Clear out cluttered stock rooms: Purging documents is excellent for cleaning out office space when document overflow has gotten out of hand. It will open up more room in filing cabinets and get rid of boxes no longer needed.

A professional shredding company will come to your office to collect all materials. The shredding is completed on-site, and your company can fully witness the destruction. A certificate of destruction is provided for proof of the destruction.

What is Scheduled or Recurring Shredding?

Recurring paper shredding is needed if your business has a high paper volume regularly that would be difficult to purge all at once. An office can save a lot of room and work with recurring on-site shredding. This is the most secure shredding option available because confidential documents are shredded on-site at your location as often as you need.

A professional shredding company like Shark Shredding will work with your business to determine how often your office needs shredding. A contract will be set up for scheduled shredding, usually on a bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.

If your office continually accumulates confidential documents, throwing them into the recycle bin or trash is not a safe practice. Using scheduled shredding services allows your office to take advantage of secure shred consoles. Employees drop their confidential documents into a locked security console. Besides providing a very safe document collection option, security consoles are available in elegant finishes that complement office décor and blend into the office environment.

On the scheduled pickup day, a shredding company will empty the contents of the security bins into a larger cart, where your office can monitor the process to ensure all continental documents have been destroyed. Then a certificate of destruction is issued as proof of shredding,

To find out what is the best shredding option for you or your company, contact Shark Shredding at 708-388-0011.


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