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Off-Site Records Storage

Store and Protect Your Records
in a Secure Off-Site Facility

When time, budget, and space become a problem for your business, Shark Shredding offers secure off-site records storage as your solution.   Physical records and documents are vital to any organization, and managing and storing these valuable assets in a safe, organized facility is essential.

Our secure facility is located in Mokena, and you can rest assured knowing your documents are being stored with the highest level of security and care.

  • Increase office space for maximum efficiency

  • Organized and controlled environment

  • Keep confidential records secure

  • Reduce costs and increase your efficiencies


A Seamless Off-Site
Records Storage Process

It all begins with a conversation with one of our experienced staff. We will walk you through the process to have your documents organized, labeled, and ready for pick up to be stored in our secure offsite facility. Each box we hold will be categorized appropriately and labeled for easy identification and retrieval.


Access/Store your Records Easily and Affordably

Shark Shredding offers routed services. This means that with your help and communication,  we can pick up or drop off your records during our scheduled routes. This allows our clients to efficiently run their business without the hassle of storing and retrieving stored documents.

Customized Solutions
for Any Business

We know each business is unique and has different requirements. The Shark Shredding team can provide an integrated plan for all of your document management needs, including off-site records storage. Whether it is shredding, file scanninghard drive destruction, or records storage, we will work with your business to formulate a customized solution specific to your needs.

Shark Shredding off-site records storage services ensure you can safely and effectively store, manage, and retrieve your records and documents.



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