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Shark Shredding's Spring 2023 Newsletter

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Six Tips to Manage your Confidential Records

In today’s world, companies are producing more data records than ever, and they must have a document management strategy to protect, preserve, and manage their records to survive.

Storage Boxes on Shelves being securely stored at Shark Shredding's Off-Site Storage Facility

1. Assign a Point Person

Recruit a person or team responsible for your organization's policies, procedures, and execution of a records management strategy.

2. Establish Security Protocols

Establish security procedures that will include training and assigning someone who has authority to access records and implement security measures.

3. Be Compliant

Almost every industry and organization have a different set of rules they must adhere; make sure you are following the correct set of rules as you research your industry's compliance requirements.

4. Reduce Paper Records

Convert your paper records to a digital format so your company can free up important office space, secure critical data and easily access your files. Records and information need to be quickly accessible to maintain efficient operation.

5. Securely Store Your Records

Many organizations have boxes and overloaded file cabinets of paper documents crammed in storage closets or basements. Managing and storing these valuable assets in a safe, organized facility is essential.

Shredded Paper

6. Shred Old Documents

Paper shredding safely destroys sensitive documents that could fall into the wrong hands. Without a paper shredding plan in place, you're leaving your records vulnerable to theft and opening up your organization to liability should a security breach take place.

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Shark Shredding Spring 2023 Newsletter - Released April 2023:

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