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Beware of free shredding services that don’t provide witnessed shredding.

Many local municipalities and office supply stores offer free paper shredding to the community. They boast it is a convenient, easy, and safe way to get rid of unwanted papers. However, this can be further from the truth and has many drawbacks. The biggest issue is that you cannot witness the shred of your confidential papers. Often, bins are placed in unprotected areas where you dump your documents. They sit around for days and weeks before shredding, putting your personal information at risk of getting in the hands of identity thieves.

Identity Theft is at an all-time high.

Identity thieves were busier than ever as the pandemic erupted nationwide last year, with reports of identity theft in the U.S. skyrocketing to nearly 1.4 million in 2020, more than double the number a year earlier.

What is Witnessed Shredding?

Witnessed shredding is when you’re able to personally watch your papers shredded, helping to provide extra shredding security.

By using a professional shredding company, you have the advantage of witnessing your shredding, where you can rest assured your documents are securely destroyed while you watch.

Advantages to Witness It, and Not Lose It.

Security and Peace of Mind

Witnessing the destruction of your confidential papers gives you the peace of mind that your shredding is completed correctly and securely. Whether it is curbside or a video monitor on mobile trucks, you get to witness the whole shredding process. Professional shredding companies, such as Shark Shredding, offer various ways to witness shredding, such as recurring on-site shredding or one-time purges. Both of these services provide you the opportunity to watch each step.

Legal Compliance

A formal Certificate of Destruction is given after every shredding service. This serves as proof of secure shredding and helps to ensure compliance with laws that regulate privacy.

There’s No Extra Charge

Although many might think extra security measures would mean extra money, it comes as part of the package for shredding and your ability to witness it.

So, if you need shredding, remember…. Witness It. Don’t Lose It. Always use a professional shredding company instead of a free service.

For more information about Shark Shredding services, contact us at 708-388-0011.


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