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Shark Shredding's Fall Newsletter

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One Time Purge vs. Scheduled Services

What is the difference between them and what option is the best for my business?

Scheduled Services

Recurring paper shredding is needed if your business has a high paper volume regularly that would be difficult to purge all at once.

An office can save a lot of room and work with recurring on-site shredding. This is the most secure shredding option available because confidential documents are shredded on-site at your location as often as you need.

One Time Purge Service

One-time shredding, also known as purge shredding, is a shredding service when your company needs to destroy a large volume of files at one time. From ten boxes or hundreds, Shark Shredding can assist with any size destruction shred as much or as little as you need. Purging documents is excellent for cleaning out office space when document overflow has gotten out of hand. It will open up more room in filing cabinets and get rid of boxes no longer needed.

What Option is Best?

Shark Shredding will work with your business to determine how often your office needs shredding. To find out what is the best shredding option for you or your company, contact Brian or Joe at 708-388-0011.


Clear out Electronic Clutter in your Office

Is your storage closet getting full of old electronics, but you aren’t sure how to properly and securely destroy them? Let us help you!

Hard Drive and Media Destruction is the ONLY way to make sure all of your confidential data is destroyed correctly. A single hard drive can contain hundreds, even thousands of personal data files, especially in sensitive industries such as healthcare, legal services, and financial services.

Shark Shredding provides secure hard drive and media destruction services to protect your highly sensitive digital data. Our experienced staff can provide solutions to securely and reliably destroy and protect your data.

Items that should be destroyed:

  • Hard Drives

  • CDs/DVDs/Blu-Rays

  • Floppy Disks

  • Thumb Drives

  • Data Tapes


History of Shark Shredding

Follow along on our Facebook page as we highlight over 17 years of great business!

Owners Brian Ciapinski and Jeff Dencek at a community expo.


Owners Jeff Dencek and Brian Ciapinski started Shark Shredding, Inc. with 12 accounts and a box truck that had shredding machinery installed inside of it.

Shark Shredding in 2006 parade in Orland Park, IL


Keeping active within the local community has always been a center focus of Jeff and Brian's vision for the company; 2006 was the first community event they participated in.

Learn more about Shark Shredding's History on our YouTube page!


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We can be found on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube sharing informational content about our business, events in the area, and up to date information about shredding.


Shark Shredding Fall Newsletter - Released October 2022:

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