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"Paper Shredding Near Me" - Finding a Reputable Shredding Company

In the New Year, many individuals begin to clear the clutter from their homes as part of

Woman with boxes of paperwork to shred

their New Year’s Resolutions, to which they may find stacks of old files or paperwork they need to securely shredded. They may begin to think; “I don’t have time to shred all of this myself.” or “I don’t even have a shredder!”. One may next head to a computer or mobile device and Google search, “Paper shredding near me.

Google will populate some results near your location, but how do you know you are picking a reputable shredding company? Here are a few tips for picking a company to shred and handle your confidential materials:

  1. You get to witness the destruction. During Shark Shredding’s Shop Shred Days, you always get to witness the shredding process. Witnessing the process not only gives you a peace of mind, but also ensures that your documents were shredded versus them sitting in a box in the back of an office or facility waiting to be shred.

  2. They provide a Certificate of Destruction. A Certificate of Destruction states that you have had your document securely shredded by a certified shredding company.

  3. They have a trusted reputation within your community. Read their reviews online, check for any potential red flags in reviews and dig a little deeper into who is behind the company and what other organizations they may be involved with (ie. Local Chamber of Commerce).


Witness the shredding process during your Shop Shred visit at Shark Shredding. Shark Shredding is the premier Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana shredding company since 2005. Locally owned and operated, Shark Shredding is a trusted shredding service headquartered in Mokena, IL.

Why Use Shark Shredding:

  • Witness the shredding process

  • Employees lift and handle all material

  • Fast and easy process

  • Average visit – 5 minutes

  • Cost-effective

  • Certificate of Destruction issued for proof of protection

  • Part of your community


Shark Shredding is committed to protecting all business documents throughout the Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana area with our regular scheduled shredding and one-time purge shredding services.

In need of a shredding service? Call Us: 708-388-0011

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