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Shark Shredding's Fall 2023 Newsletter

Shark Shredding Newsletter Header - Fall 2023

Simple Tips to Declutter your Office or Desk Area

Illustration of very cluttered desk
  1. Sort the Mess: Group like items on the top of your desk: pens, pencils, and highlighters in a pile, papers in another, etc. Then, sort out what you don’t need there anymore.

  2. Prioritize What is Left: Create three piles of what is left; do you always use this item, sometimes, or never? In regards to paper work, is it something that you can shred?

- If your office utilizes our regular scheduled shredding service, drop the paperwork you no longer need into your secure unit to be destroyed during our next visit.

- If your office utilizes our one-time purge service; start collecting a box of documents for when your office does their annual document destruction project with us.

3. Give your Things a Place: Once sorted, put things directly back into a place where it needs to go. Only keep items on the top of your desk if you use them consistently. For example, if you are frequently on Zoom or Phone Calls, keep a notepad and writing utensils readily available, where as, a calculator may be put back out of sight.

Pro tip, Grab a nice desk organizer to keep things close, but out of sight and out of mind.


Helping Locally with Food Insecurities

In the Lincoln-Way area, as of mid-August 2023, there are currently 241

Shark Shredding Team Member helping load the food pantry truck with donations.

families securing their food with the Frankfort Township Food Pantry. Over 60% of those participants are Senior Citizens utilizing these services because they are unable to pay both their mortgage/rent, taxes and medicines.

Our team has been offering discounts to our Shop Shred Customers for over three years with our Take a Bite Out of Hunger efforts.

In July, we began to send out paper bags to our scheduled accounts in the area to help us fill the truck. The outpour of generous donations we received was INCREDIBLE! On August 30th, we held an extended Shop Shred Day and between our scheduled account donations and our Shop Shred appointments we were able to donate about 2,000 pounds of goods to our local food pantry.

Our team at Shark Shredding wants to say "THANK YOU" to all who helped us towards our goal of filling the truck

for the pantry. Each donation will help a local family/individual with their needs.

To Read More About it - Head to this Blog post for the full Article.


We Love Reviews!

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Something to Make You Smile Today:

Shark JAWS Comic by Liz Climo

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Shark Shredding's Fall 2023 Newsletter - Released October 2023

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