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Shark Shredding's Summer 2023 Newsletter

Shark Shredding Newsletter Header - Summer 2023

Helpful Tips to Keep Organized

Regularly dispose of paperwork ready to be shred by calling Shark Shredding to schedule your next purge or add an extra box or two next to your secure shredding unit at your office. Don't feel overwhelmed while trying to clear our the clutter; follow these tips.

  1. Box similar materials together (ex: HR Files, AP/AR Files) so it is easier to sort through when you're ready to purge your files.

  2. Save yourself the time and don't worry about removing paper clips, staples, or rubber bands. Our machinery can shred through those with your paperwork.

  3. If marking boxes to shred seems overwhelming, we have a free printable label sheet on our Resource Materials tab for our downloadable SHRED labels. Clearly marking your boxes to purge makes it easy for our team to know what needs to be shred the day of your scheduled project.

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Something to Make You Smile Today:

Comic that is a man with a shredded nose that says "Oh, it was just like any other day at work. Except for the part where I sneezed by the paper shredder."

Comic by: Randy Glasbergen -


Shark Shredding Summer 2023 Newsletter - Released August 2023:

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